Rent Guarantee

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  • 個人の連帯保証人を頼ることなく、契約者ご本人のみでお部屋を借りることができます。
  • (別途、連帯保証人が必要になるケースもございます)
  • 無職の方や生活保護者の方、外国籍の方も保証可能です。
  • 無駄が省かれ、スムーズにお部屋を借りることができます。


  • 保証人がいない方もご入居可能になるので空き室が減ります。
  • 家賃滞納の心配がなく、安定した資産運用が行えます。
Toshin’s rental guarantee services support people who want to rent out apartments and those looking to rent a place to live. Our rental guarantee system offers the following benefits.

For tenants:They make it possible to rent an apartment by yourself without asking an individual to provide a joint and several guarantee. (In some cases you might need a separate joint and several guarantor.) Guarantees are available for people without employment, people receiving livelihood protection assistance, and people with foreign nationalities. These services make it possible to rent an apartment smoothly by eliminating superfluous requirements.

For property owners:They help to reduce vacancies by making it possible for people to rent even if they do not have guarantors. They enable stable asset management with no worries about unpaid rent.

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