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SEO(Search Engine Optimization)には、「攻めのSEO」と「守りのSEO」があると考えています。簡単にいうと、「攻めのSEO」とは、検索エンジンの検索結果のページ表示順の上位に自らのWebサイトが表示されるように工夫することであり、「守りのSEO」とは、検索エンジンに悪意があるサイトだと勘違いされないための施策だと私たちは考えています。





There are two approaches to SEO: offensive SEO and defensive SEO. To put it simply, in offensive SEO, techniques are devised so that one’s own web site is displayed with a high page display rank in search engine results, while in defensive SEO, measures are taken to prevent one’s own site from being mistakenly labeled by search engines as malicious. For example, there is the old saying: “Don’t straighten your crown under a plum tree.” The idea here is that, if you raise your hands to straighten your crown under some plums, you may cause the misunderstanding that you are trying to steal a plum. Therefore you shouldn’t do anything suspicious. Just because your own company’s SEO measures are not malicious does not mean you will not incur a penalty. Even if you have no ill will, there are an increasing number of cases where you may be penalized due to misunderstanding by the search engine. Web pages registered in a search engine are displayed in response to keywords, but the display order is determined according to the proprietary methods of each search engine. Results at the top of this order are more easily seen by search engine users, and attract a larger number of visitors. As a result, there are cases where companies or other entities try various tactics to raise their search ranking. These techniques and methods can be referred to generically as SEO. Specific SEO methods include: a keyword approach suitable for the target, appropriate use of keywords within the page, or having more sites link to the page to be promoted. However, search engine ranking algorithms are becoming more and more sophisticated every year. The algorithms are frequently changed, and each time this results in major changes in rankings. Our company provides legitimate SEO measures adapted to the search engine algorithms as they change with the times. Please feel free to discuss SEO with us.

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