Web Marketing

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  1. 戦略立案
  2. 集客
  3. サイト構築
  4. クロージング


When they hear the word “marketing,” some people may be reminded of Philip Kotler. According to Kotler, the definition of marketing is “a social, managed process which satisfies wants and needs through the creation and exchange of products and value by individuals and groups.” “Web marketing” indicates this sort of marketing carried out over the web. In all, there are four essential steps in web marketing: 1) Strategic planning, 2) Attracting customers, 3) Site construction, and 4) Closing. This process involves properly carrying out the necessary tasks at each step, and properly rotating through the PDCA cycle. In addition, rotation through the PDCA cycle is also carried out for the entire process. Strategic planning involves tasks such as investigation, analysis and hypothesis formulation. Web site position, customers, competition and strengths of one’s own company are all considered. Attracting customers involves specific lines of guidance to bring customers in. In site construction, it is necessary check usability and lines of guidance within the site. Closing involves tasks such as determining whether inquiry and application forms have been correctly provided. Please contact our company if you would like to discuss web marketing.

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